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Healthlink Worldwide

Healthlink Worldwide

About Healthlink Worldwide Healthlink Worldwide is the new name for AHRTAG (Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group). The new name highlights the organisation’s focus on health and describes its way of working – linking information and health workers, linking partners, linking policy and practice – around the world. Healthlink Worldwide will be taking AHRTAG's strengths, experience, and success forward into the 21st century. Healthlink Worldwide works to improve the health of poor and vulnerable communities by strengthening the provision, use and impact of information. Healthlink Worldwide does this by:

  • communicating about health issues
  • promoting the development of good policy and practice
  • providing training in information management and dissemination
  • supporting sustainable partner activities.

Healthlink Worldwide is a UK-based non-governmental organisation, founded in 1977. Today, Healthlink Worldwide’s practical training and education materials reach nearly 2 million health and development workers worldwide. These draw upon the UK’s largest collection of health learning materials from developing countries contained in Healthlink Worldwide’s resource centre.

updated: 23 August, 2019