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Three Resources in One
Interactive tutorials - Image Collection - Glossary

Topics in International Health The Wellcome Trust

Minimum System Requirements
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Three resources in one

Each CD-ROM contains three teaching resources:

man Interactive tutorials
highly visual, structured learning tools
  • images and interactivity make learning fun
  • complex concepts are presented simply to enhance learning
  • key references encourage further reading
  • self-assessments help users to monitor their progress
man Image collection
a searchable database of high quality images
  • hundreds of photographic images on each CD-ROM
  • each image is accompanied by a detailed description
  • flexible searching helps you find what you want
  • sets of images can be saved and printed for use in practicals and lectures
  • images can be displayed for side-by-side comparison
man Glossary
an electronic glossary of medical and scientific terms
  • all terms used in the tutorials are defined
  • easy-to-use interface makes finding words simple
  • helps users who are unfamiliar with medical terminology
  • makes learning materials accessible to users whose first language is not English
Images from: G R Sergeant Images from:
G R Sergeant;
The Wellcome Trust;
courtesy of:
C J Hacket;
L H Bannister;
E Sonoda

Minimum System Requirements

  • 486 DX2 or better processor (Pentium recommended)
  • PC with Windows 3.1, 95/98 or NT operating system
  • 16 Mb available RAM
  • Monitor capable of displaying 16 bit colour (thousands of colours) at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Video for Windows (can be installed from the CD-ROM)

Mac versions of the Topics in International Health CD-ROMs are not available. Copyright 1998 The Trustee of the Wellcome Trust. All Rights Reserved. Pricing and ordering information
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updated: 23 August, 2019